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where alliums are literally everywhere

Closed for the season


    Opening up for the 2016 season. We’ve had a very mild winter this year, the Allium started two weeks earlier than usual and doing quite well. Allium is bulb of the year 2016, see article National Garden Bureau.

What we discovered through the years is that the Allium bulbs have to get used to your garden conditions which can or may sometimes take up to three years. We will have limited numbers for sale, first come first serve.

    The genus Allium has about 700-800 estimated species.
Through the years we have been trying and collecting many different ones under our garden conditions. Some grow in North America others in China, Japan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq or France. A number need the same conditions like hot and dry while others grow in more shady situations with moisture. What works here doesn't always work somewhere else.


Spring/summer always is a time to see what is doing well and what didn't survive, depending on weather (winter) conditions. Come April-May you start looking to see if something is emerging, it always stays a miracle and is very exciting to watch! Here the first ones start flowering in May while the latest blooms in September.

Most years there is a surplus of bulbs of some types, those we offer for sale. We've had years that we planted 100 bulbs in the fall and ended the following summer with only 10 or a 100 extra, so you never know!

In our experience Alliums are deer resistant.

Allium has beautiful colours, often the leaves die down before or while flowering. Even the seed heads are very nice and last a very long time both in and outside when dry.
Some are good for cutting and can last for a long time.

Most bulbs offered by us, are multiplied and grown here in the garden and to give you, our customer an even wider selection we bring in some types out of Europe occasionally.

- Henk & Adriana Hoekstra -


    Best time for planting starts end of September till end October, or before it starts freezing they need to develop roots before the soil becomes solid. In general Allium bulbs need to have 3 to 4 times the height of the bulb of soil on top of them and most like mulching. They do like some old cattle manure (compost) when planting.

We have not mentioned hardiness-zones, but we're in zone 2 3 here and we grow them all outside in the open. In the wild they're often covered with dead grass/twigs or bush, we give them a winter cover of leaves or straw.

In the growing stage they need moisture but after flowering, bulbs need warm and dry conditions to get ready for winter and the next flowering season.

It is wise to replant the big Allium bulbs every 2-3 years, as they will have used up all the necessary nutrients they need at that spot. At the same time you should divide the bulbs while planting, that way you will get extra Alliums.


No more Farmers Markets around Alberta except maybe Pincher Creek, you will find the date(s) here on our website.



    Shipping is done in the fall, mostly September, beginning October while quantities last. Only in Canada for the time being.

Costs will depend on weight and size (Canada post), our minimum shipping & handling is $15 CAD.

To order bulbs (first come, first served) please fill out our order form (email address or phone nr!!) and send us your selection by fax or provide this information by email:

After confirmation of your order, we will provide you with the total cost (including shipping & handling) and expect you to make your payment.

As for 2016 you can pay by cheque, cash or money order.

if you have questions or concerns please mail us at